Picking Up the Pieces, an art exhibit featuring works by Jim Condron ’92

Pollock-Krasner award winner Jim Condron ’92 showed 35 of his works of art at the Julio Fine Arts Gallery in an exhibition titled “Picking Up the Pieces.” reviewed the exhibit and said, “The artist draws on humor and memory, and finds unexpected beauty in juxtaposing everyday objects and cast-off remnants with the traditional medium of paint.” And art critic Ann Landi wrote, “Like a contemporary Dada master, Jim Condron finds wit and beauty in unexpected collisions between the mundane and the artful. His works are edgy and provocative, and delivered with more calculation than may at first meet the eye.”

BmoreArt also reviewed the exhibit Nov. 11 in an article titled “Painting in Three Dimensions” and said “Jim Condron’s recent exhibition, Picking Up the Pieces, is simultaneously elegant, boisterous, witty, and moving.”

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