DavisConnects, Colby’s innovative new program to facilitate and fund research, internship, and global experiences for every student, is off to a roaring start with 134 Jan Plans funded for 2018.

Students received support for experiences ranging from research in Eastern Europe, to travel courses in Asia and Africa, to internships in Washington, D.C.

DavisConnects is a transformative program that turns the traditional career center model on its head, instead working with students all four years at Colby to match work, research and study experiences with their academic work and interests, to prepare them for post-graduate success. By removing financial barriers, DavisConnects creates greater access to life-changing experiences for all students.

This year’s funded Jan Plans include:

  • An internship in Chiang Rai, Thailand, with The Freedom Story, a non-governmental organization that works to prevent child trafficking and exploitation. Five students are participating.
  • Independent research in Serbia to examine the types of psychosocial services provided to refugees.
  • Travel courses in Sri Lanka and Uganda
  • A biology internship in aquaculture—seafood farming—in Maine
  • Creative writing and language courses in Italy
  • Internships in South Africa’s leading animation studio
  • Internships in the U.S. Senate
  • Research into traditional art forms of Japan

Colby’s unique approach to the winter term—now in its 53rd year—sets aside January for students to explore experiences (including classes and research) to augment their traditional semester studies.

Most Colby students take part in Jan Plan all four years, although it is required for only three. DavisConnects not only broadens access but increases the range of available experiences for all.

For more information: colby.edu/davisconnects