Véronique Plesch was invited to contribute an essay in a volume published by the French Center of National Monuments: “Espace et temps, individu et communauté: Le Graffiti comme parole collective.” In Sur les murs: Histoire(s) de Graffitis. Ed. Laure Pressac. Paris: Éditions du Patrimoine/Centre des Monuments Nationaux, 2018, 74–78. There was a book launch June 6 at the Château de Vincennes in Paris. The book is part of a series of exhibitions and events taking place throughout France on graffiti.

On June 9 Plesch gave the keynote lecture at a symposium on Giovanni Canavesio at the Convento di S. Domenico, Taggia, Italy. Her lecture, “Giovanni Canavesio, pittore: un gran interprete delle emozioni umane,” was covered in the local press: “Una Prof dagli States per raccontare l’arte di Canavesio.”

On July 11 Plesch gave a lecture at the Waterville Historical Society, “Why Would Lydia Crosby Copy Thomas Cole’s The Voyage of Life?” Focusing on a painting in the Redington Museum’s collection painted by a 22-year-old Victorian woman, the talk offered the occasion to consider the meaning and importance of this painting as well as the changes in the conception, perception, and valuing of copies in art.