Seventeen Colby admissions and financial aid counselors. More than 130 Maine high schools. Forty-eight hours.

Public high schools, charter schools, island schools, and magnet schools—Colby representatives planned to visit each one Nov. 1-2 in an effort to ensure that Maine students have a chance to share in the knowledge of its admissions and financial aid staff.

“We have a deep commitment to ensuring the most talented students from Maine and beyond can see themselves at institutions like Colby,” said Director of Admissions Randi Arsenault, an Oxford Hills native. “Our admissions and financial aid team is eager to highlight these possibilities with students and educators from across our state in the coming days.”

The counselors crisscrossing Maine also travel across the country and abroad as they seek out the world’s best students to come to Mayflower Hill. This week’s effort, a first, is part of a longstanding commitment to Maine students as well, including the more than 40 students who enroll at Colby each year.