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| by Harry Smith

Blair Braverman ’11 ready for Iditarod start

Blair Braverman ’11 started her first Iditarod March 3, but she’s not new to mushing. Her social media posts about her dogs and their races have a large following—dubbed “Ugly dogs”—and the media has been interested in her story. National Public Radio’s All Things Considered aired an interview with Braverman March 1 and posted a story on their website the same day. Braverman was also interviewed by NBC’s Harry Smith for a piece on the Sunday edition of NBC’s Today show.

The Anchorage Daily News ran a front-page story about Braverman March 4 titled “An Iditarod rookie’s tweets of the trail are putting a new twist on a rich storytelling tradition.” A successful author and a regular contributor to Outside magazine, “Braverman might be one of the best things to hit the Iditarod in a while — a Lower 48 musher with an abiding love for her dogs and a gift for sharing that love on a far-reaching platform,” the Daily News reports.

On March 6 Vogue magazine ran “Cool Runnings,” a piece written by Braverman that explains what it takes to mush 1,000 miles through the Alaskan wilderness. “I entered my first race, a thirty-miler, and it felt too short. I entered another race, a hundred-miler, and it still felt too short. Time after time I came to finish lines and wished that I were not done racing. I felt better on the trail, alone with my dogs and the wilderness, than I did anywhere else,” she wrote in the article that also highlights other women mushers in this year’s race and contains stunning photography and video.

Follow Braverman on Twitter at @BlairBraverman, and read a Colby Magazine story about her here.

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