Morning Sentinel
| by Catherine Fraser '19

Julia Nelson ’19 and Catherine Fraser ’19, students in the class Environment and Human Health, had letters to the editor published in Waterville’s Morning Sentinel. Both letters urged support for L.D. 1433, “An Act to Protect the Environment and Public Health by Further Reducing Toxic Chemicals in Packaging,” a bill currently before the Maine Legislature.

Nelson’s letter, printed May 20, wrote that the bill “aligns with Gov. Janet Mills’ commitment to a healthy environment and healthy people in Maine as it would ban the unnecessary addition of a variety of chemicals that are used in packaging materials and have understood human health impacts.”

Fraser’s letter ran May 19 and pointed out that “Maine is a leader in creating safer chemicals policy, regulating BPA in 2011 and 2013 under the Kid-Safe Products Act and flame-retardant chemicals in 2017. We need to regulate PFAS chemicals to reduce the body burdens and adverse health impacts associated with these harmful chemicals.”

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