Earth Island Journal
| by Dominick Leskiw '21

Dominick Leskiw ’21, an English and environmental studies double major, wrote and illustrated an article titled “Holding Fast, or Failing?” that was printed in Earth Island Journal about his experiences on a “600-mile road trip up the California coast from La Jolla to just north of Bolinas, tracking down abalone devotees from all walks of life.” Leskiw took the trip with Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies Ben Neal to trace the history of the marine snail and to chart recovery efforts.

“Every long-vacant, ear-shaped abalone shell rings with an opalescent plea, begging us to listen to, and learn from, the plight of these shellfish,” Leskiw writes at the end of his article. “Abalone will almost certainly fail to see any significant recovery without human intervention. What ends up happening to these sea snails will reveal our capacity to reinstate and nurture the ecological and cultural complexity of our world that we continue to destroy.”


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