Washington Post
| by Laura Pappano

The Washington Post ran a story titled “With dorms shut and classes online, college students DIY campus life” that includes a section on “the Boothbay Commune,” a group of 16 Colby students who chose to live in a summer cottage rental property when Colby moved to remote learning in mid-March. The students held study sessions and pulled all-nighters, and they engaged in non-academic learning. “The group organized food purchases, cooking and cleaning. They did yard work and brought kayaks, rowboats, paddleboards, a sailboat and a motorboat out of storage. To keep some feel of their old social life, they replicated trivia nights and, with several members of the ultimate Frisbee team present, played a four-day Frisbee golf tournament,” the story reports.

This story also ran in the San Francisco Chronicle and on the Hechinger Report website.

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