Morning Sentinel
| by Travis Lazarczyk

The Morning Sentinel article “Fifty years later, Colby College’s Class of 1970 recounts disruption to semester’s end” tells the story of the class that knows disappointment all too well. “During the 1969-70 academic year at Colby, tension reached an apex, culminating with a student strike in May that led to the cancellation of classes over the final weeks of the semester, and a subdued graduation ceremony that evokes strong reactions 50 years later,” the Sentinel reports.

Now, the class’s 50th Reunion has been postponed due to the coronavirus. Alumni leaders “spent a lot of time planning the reunion with Colby’s alumni office, but know it cannot go on this summer. Understanding why it cannot go on does not lessen disappointment,” the story said. However, one alumni sees it differently. “Given the circumstances, I think it’s a minor inconvenience,” Ben Kravitz ’70 said. “Whether we do it at 50 or 51 years is not a big deal to me.”

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