A new paper, “Culturalized Religion: A Synthetic Review and Agenda for Research,” by Associate Professor of Sociology Damon W. Mayrl and Avi Astor from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona’s Sociology Department was recently published in the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion.

“Scholars have taken a growing interest in what we call ‘culturalized religion’—that is, forms of religious identification, discourse, and expression that are primarily cultural in character, insofar as they are divorced from belief in religious dogma or participation in religious ritual,” writes Mayrl and Astor in their paper’s abstract. “This article aims to clarify our current thinking about these phenomena so as to facilitate future theoretical and empirical work. … In so doing, we develop an inclusive and dynamic approach to studying culturalized religion that clears the ground for further research into its diverse modalities and manifestations, as well as their points of intersection and interaction.”