An essay by Professor of Creative Writing Adrian Blevins was recently published by Waxwing magazine. “How I Wrote The Brass Girl Brouhaha” showcases the choices Blevins made in write her award-winning book of poetry. 

The Brass Girl Brouhaha is a record of how alive I wanted to be back when I was a not-yet-quite-really-alive sleepwalking baby. It is a record of the oar I had to walk through to become as wrong as possible as a way of staying alive in an oppressive Empire that likes its southern girls all zipped-up and sweet. It’s the story of my unwillingness to quit. It’s a book of loss and sacrifice that I hope does not feel too grave because somewhere along the way I also stumbled across Charles Simic’s idea that ‘poetry is best when it finds itself at the heart of human comedy,'” Blevins writes in her essay.