Will Hochman ’14, who made his Broadway debut last fall in the New York Times critic’s pick The Sound Inside with Tony Award-winning co-star Mary-Louise Parker, was featured in the independent undergraduate journal Lighght. In the Q&A, Hochman shared his Colby and Broadway experiences. “I had wanted to act my entire life, but never did, not until halfway through Colby where I was playing on the squash team and majoring in economics,” he said. “So after graduation, when I was finally back home in New York (I‘m from Brooklyn), and with only a few college theatre experiences to my name, I leapt headfirst into acting classes. I read classic plays, and watched old movies. I wrote my own plays. I was filled with this fire to do it all. I had so much catching up to do, or at least it felt that way. So I built what I suppose felt to me like an independent study in Becoming An Actor. And through that, I grew into the person that I always wanted to be, the person that I long felt had wanted to emerge. Those first few years of unpaid off-off-Broadway work felt like I was getting to meet that person, I was getting to really meet myself. Was it hard? Absolutely. Was it a grind? Every day.”

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