Earth Island Journal
| by Dominick Leskiw '21

Dominick Leskiw ’21 wrote an article published by the Earth Island Institute. Titled “Forecasting Marine ‘Bioinvasions” in a Warming World,” the piece looks at the wide-ranging sources of bioinvasions, from “travel and trade, colonization and war, fisheries and aquaria, and the countless physical means of carriage, called vectors, that allow humans — and the organisms we bring with us — to reach oceanic habitats all around the globe.” Leskiw gives examples of “modern case studies” to show that invasive organisms “can devastate local ecosystems, destroy coastal infrastructure, and cost billions of dollars to combat every year,” underscoring “the urgency of researching and responding to species introductions across the contemporary world ocean.”

Leskiw conducted a part-time internship at the Earth Island Institute last summer.

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