New England Cable News

Professor of Government Dan Shea was a guest on the Sept. 22 NPR show On Point titled “How RBG’s Death Could Impact Key Senate Races.” Boston’s NPR station WBUR aired the show, but it’s also aired on stations across the country.

NECN—New England Cable News—also tapped Shea for their story “Susan Collins Faces Pressure From Right, Left Over Supreme Court Vote.” Even though Collins has said she does “not believe that the Senate should vote on the nominee prior to the election,” Shea believes her decision is complicated based on various election scenarios. “We’re in uncharted territory,” Shea fold NECN. “This may well be part of her legacy. I think she’s worried about the legitimacy of the Senate, Congress and the Court.”

In a Sept. 20 Wall Street Journal article, Shea said of Collins: “It’s an impossible position that does thrust her into the most important moves that she’ll make in her career. It is about her legacy, a grand statement, a grand move, maybe even her last grand move in a very long public life. And it is an opportunity, it seems to me, for her to calm things down. If she can rally that sense of what’s best for America instead of what’s best for the Republican party, it could be her last grand gesture.”

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