Symposium Keynote: Frogs, Jockeys, and Old Music

Research described at the Colby Undergraduate Research Symposium keynote event Wednesday suggests the smelly secretions of mink frogs have antimicrobial properties and could lead to new antibiotics for humans.

Symposium Highlights Research

The 12th annual Colby Undergraduate Research Symposium, April 27-29, features hundreds of Colby students presenting significant projects as talks, poster presentations, and performances.

Singers Soar in Spain

Sixty members of the Colby College Chorale traveled to southern Spain over spring break to perform in ancient (and resonant) cathedrals and churches.

Staging the Full Cycle

This week Dick Sewell (theater and dance, emeritus) realizes a lifelong ambition: directing all five plays in W.B. Yeats's The Cuchulain Cycle in a unified performance.

Obama Campaign Expected to Tap Big Donors

Anthony Corrado (government) says Obama faces different fundraising challenges in 2012 than in 2008: “He begins the race with the biggest donor base in presidential history, but you also have to add the dimension that it will be hard to replicate the historic nature of his candidacy.”

Nicole Rabata’s Debut CD

Flutist Nicole Rabata, applied music associate, recently released her first CD, Armorica. A review in Colby magazine calls it "long overdue."

Cinema Studies Minor Offered

Cinema studies is the newest minor offered at Colby. More than 50 courses incorporating the study of film were already being taught as faculty worked to establish the new minor, which will debut in the 2011-12 catalogue.

Prof. Lyn Brown on Padded Bikinis for 7-year-olds

Lyn Mikel Brown (education) condemns Abercrombie & Fitch’s latest children’s bathing suit -- a bikini for 7- to 13-year-old girls with a padded, push-up bra. "Girls who ingest this uncensored message are more prone to depression, eating disorders and self-esteem issues,” she said.

Reasons to Abandon Nuclear Power

Prof. Paul Josephson (history), who has researched nuclear power plants and safety worldwide, offers "Seven Reasons We Should Abandon Nuclear Power" in a March 17 Christian Science Monitor oped.