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Our Culture

In its original charter, almost 200 years ago, Colby assured access to students regardless of their religious beliefs. Through the years Colby was a pioneer in integrating women, accepting its first female student a century before most similar schools dropped their male-only exclusivity. African American students have contributed to the community for more than 100 years, and recruiting students of color and ensuring they have the resources to succeed here have been priorities for many years. As we approach our third century, Colby has goals and plans for making sure the student body reflects the world we live in.

DiversityColby's no-loan financial aid policy and our efforts to provide all students with access to research, internships, and travel opportunities regardless of their family finances required commitment from the College's leadership. They require financial support from donors as well. Crafting a student body that reflects the diversity of 21st-century America will require substantial endowments for additional financial aid as well as funding for our successful programs that ensure the academic and social success of students from very different backgrounds.

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DiversityColby is international. In its student body, foreign language departments, area studies programs, study-abroad program, as well as its overall curriculum and outlook, Colby takes the global view. Preserving and enhancing our international focus and more clearly connecting the international dimension to Colby's public profile are priorities. A commitment to maintain and to endow the powerful Davis United World College Scholars program requires significant growth in the financial aid budget.

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