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Happy New Year!
posted by: Dory Streett <>, on: Wed, January 02, 2008
not much snow
Not nearly as much snow as we actually have, but you get the idea...
On New Year’s Eve day, we received 8” of lovely snow. It cleared off in the afternoon, bringing on a spectacular starry night to usher in 2008. The following day dawned bright and sparkling, but was gradually replaced by cloud cover and wonder of wonders, another 8” of snow. I have an admirable icicle growing down past my window in Lunder House – a crop of them, actually – and Colby looks majestic in its pristine white blanket.

Meanwhile, there are already about 750 applications waiting for us to read. It’s early in the season for us to have so many files compiled and ready to go, especially since the pace down in the mail room is now at the feverish stage. Each mail delivery brings box after box full of transcripts, essays, recommendations and supplements. A number of international students who stayed on campus for the holiday break are working to open the mail and organize the contents; it is tedious but exacting work to make sure that all the credentials are cataloged and filed correctly. But they are cheerful in their work, regaling Beth, the mailroom supervisor, with interesting tales about their homelands: Saloman from Kenya, Shylock from Zimbabwe, Rodrigo from Ecuador and Qiam from Afghanistan. Also pitching in is Katie, a senior who came to Colby all the way from Winslow, on the other side of the Kennebec River from Waterville. She has a few interesting stories of her own. Rounding out the crew last week was one of our own: Mike Montgomery, who worked with us in Admissions and Financial Aid for ten years, is back to the student calendar, having embarked on a master’s program at Vanderbilt University. He was home for the holidays and decided to pitch in with Beth’s workers. What a trooper!

One of the issues we’ve been hearing a lot about today over the phone and via e-mail is a frustrating problem with the Common Application website. Many students’ best efforts to meet the January 1 deadline have been thwarted by technological glitches, especially with the Colby Supplement. I think it’s a wonder that the Common App website manages to function at all on January 1. [Note to juniors: plan ahead!] On the other hand, the two students whom I interviewed today both heaved sighs of relief that the application process was over.

Advice of the week: if you’ve applied to Colby, be on the lookout for an envelope from our office with a letter acknowledging our receipt of your application. The letter will also contain a username and password so that you can access our website to see if all of your application materials have been received. Remember that the credential sorting process takes a long time so don’t panic if it looks as if we’re missing a recommendation or something.

The full compliment of Lunder House staffers are not yet back in the saddle, but eeryone will be here next week. Our loyal holiday student workers will be wrapped up in their Jan Plan courses and projects which means the rest of us will be taking shifts in the mailroom.

And the reading has begun!