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Episode 1 | Drumming Up Community: African Students on Mayflower Hill
posted by: Emily Judem <>, on: Thu, August 03, 2006
filed under: Alumni, Campus Happenings, Origins
Francis Chapuredima came to Colby in the fall of 2002 from a rural village in Zimbabwe. Talk about culture shock. Francis and other African students speak about Colby's African Community, how its strength has helped them in their adjustment to Colby, and how they would like to see it grow. We also hear a singing performance by Cait Miller '06 from the May 2006 Baccalaureate Ceremony. Let me know what you think of this episode; I'd love feedback!

00:39 Student Survey:
Hear what students say is one thing that Colby should have that its missing.
01:46 The African Community on Mayflower Hill: I talk to Francis Chapuredima '06, Escar Kusema '09, and Brian Wadugu '09 about their experiences coming to Colby from Africa and their views on Colby's African community. I also talk to Director of Admissions Steve Thomas about how and why Colby's African community has strengthened over the past few years. And if you stay tuned, you'll even get to hear Francis on his drums.
13:38 Student Work: Listen to Cait Miller '06 sing "If I Were a Bell" from Guys and Dolls at the May 27, 2006 Baccalaureate Ceremony.

This Episode was Written and Produced by Emily Judem
"The Experiment" (Theme Song): written, preformed and recorded by Baron Collins-Hill and John Ayotte.
"Corrente from Sonata in D minor" by Antonio Vivaldi: performed at the May 27, 2006 Baccalaureate Ceremony by Jill Pruitt '06, Ian Scott '06, and Jarius Steed '06
"If I Were A Bell" from Guys and Dolls by Frank Loesser: performed at the May 27, 2006 Baccalaureate Ceremony by Cait Miller '06, accompanied by Annabeth French (Chapel Organist)   

To watch video clips of commencement, including Francis' entire speech, click here. And read more about it in the online magazine.