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Episode 2 | COOT Chronicles: Colby's Outdoor Orientation Trip
posted by: Emily Judem <>, on: Thu, September 14, 2006
filed under: Campus Happenings, People and Places
In 1975, one professor led the first ever COOT trip, guiding 15 students to the top of Mount Katahdin. Over the past 31 years, COOT has become one of Colby's most beloved traditions, inextricable from the college's identity, and always evolving to mold to Colby's changing needs. Emily Judem '06 talked to COOT leaders Meagan Berg '07 and Chris Zajchowski '07, new dean of students Jim Terhune, and director of outdoor safety and education Jonathan Milne to find out more about its most recent changes. Then you can listen to one of Colby's a capella groups, The Sirens, as they sing the blues. Again, I'd love any feedback or suggestions! Email me at

1:47 Student Survey--Listen to students' biggest piece of advice to freshmen.
2:22 COOT Chronicles--So what exactly is "Reality Theater COOT?" I was wondering the same thing. I talk to Meagan Berg '07, Chris Zajchowski '07, Dean of Students Jim Terhune, and Director of Outdoor Safety and Education Jonathan Milne about the new COOT offerings this year, and what they see in COOT's future.
10:47 Student Work--Hear The Sirens sing "Blues Round."

This Episode was Written and Produced by Emily Judem

"The Experiment" (Theme Song): written, performed, and recorded by Baron Collins-Hill and John Ayotte
"Bach Flute Sonata in E Major, BWV 1035": played by Barbara Hough '06
"Blues Round": written by Dan Paget, arranged by Heather Ogilvy '04, performed by The Sirens

For more information about COOT, click here.