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Episode 11 | The Allure of an Independent JanPlan
posted by: Fritz Freudenberger <>, on: Thu, January 18, 2007
filed under: Student Research
Just what goes on during Jan Plan? This week, the insideColby Podcast team heads out to find out what it's all about.

00:47 Student Survey-- Andy Bolduc ’10 finds out what students are doing with their free time in January.

01:36 Feature-- Fritz Freudenberger ’09 finds out what independent studies are all about.

07:53 Student Work-- The Colby 8 sing “Two Points for Honesty.”

This episode was written and produced by Fritz Freudenberger '09, Rose Long '10 and Andy Bolduc '10.

"The Experiment" (Theme Song): written, performed, and recorded by Baron Collins-Hill and John Ayotte

“Two Points for Honesty”: Originally recorded by Guster, sung by the Colby 8.