Alumni Profile: Carolyn Hunt '05

Carolyn Hunt

Sierra Club of Maine
  Augusta, ME

Summer 2004

I worked on raising public awareness about Sears Island   and the proposed liquified natural gas port. I made maps using GIS and led tours   of the island. I also organized events to educate the Sierra Club members about   the Bush Administration's air pollution policies, and made fact sheets.It is   a rare opportunity that I have been given to take an in-depth look at a political   ecology problem while making progress toward the Sierra Club's goal of protecting   Sears Island in its natural state for eco-tourism. I learned about the ways   that science can influence and guide policy-making decisions. I had a key role   in the transition between science and policy, by developing publications and   campaigns that incorporate the information from the updated Sears Island's Environmental   Impact Statement. Through this internship with the Conservation Board of the   Sierra Club of Maine, I completed projects that put my knowledge to the test   and helped our community and our local ecology.

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