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Maeve McGovern
Majors: Art, Biology

With a Fulbright for research, McGovern was off to study the effects of polar night on deep-sea food webs in the Norwegian arctic. Read more »

Hannah Converse
Occupation: Agriculture

Converse is developing ways to use bicycles to deliver crops and cultivate seedlings. Read more »

Jeronimo Maradiaga
Major: Biology

This Thomas J. Watson Fellowship winner was a smart kid from a single-parent home in the South Bronx. Few people knew his responsibilities included more than his studies at Colby. Read more »

John Walden
Occupation: Environment
Major: Biology

After studying plants, woody and otherwise, at Colby, John Walden ’07 made his way into an industry where he studies the simplest plants of all: algae. Read more »

Hande Barutcuoglu
Major: Biology

From her home in Istanbul, her dream of becoming a veterinarian took her to Colby and then on to Newfoundland. Read more »

Lindsey Williams

A policy advisor who specializes in coastal management and coastal science, Williams guides the National Ocean Service's leadership pertaining to legislative affairs. Read more »

Phoebe Lehmann Zarnetske
Occupation: Environment

The effects of different species of beach grass in the formation of dunes is part of an alumna's doctoral research in zoology at Oregon State. Read more »

Matt Apuzzo
Occupation: Writing
Major: Biology

Starting with the Colby Echo, Matt Apuzzo's journalism career has progressed nicely, to the point of being awarded the Pulitzer Prize. Read more »

Craig Jude
Major: Biology

The challenges of teaching at a correctional facility are worth the effort, according to this biology professor. Read more »

Alex Howard
Occupation: Technology, Writing
Major: Biology

Read how this tech know-it-all manages his time and became a tech journalist for O'Reilly Media. Read more »

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