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Tracey Tomlinson
Occupation: Education

Tomlinson is in her second year as a Teach For America teacher in Gallup, N.M., where she teaches life science. She chose New Mexico because she knew of the health problems in underserved Native American populations there. Read more »

Sulaiman Nasseri
Occupation: Volunteer

Nasseri, a Davis United World scholar from Kabul, and was recently awarded $10,000 for his "Empowering Afghan Women Through Embroidery" project. His goal is to provide a way for Afghan women to become less dependent on men or household incomes, as well as to encourage children off the streets and away from the child labor pool. Read more »

James Cryan
Occupation: Education

The desire to help disadvantage children succeed in high school and get into college led this former Teach for America to start his own charter school in Denver. Read more »

Adelin Cai
Occupation: Technology

"A happy accident." That's what this Singapore native calls her opportunity to work for Google. Read more »

Graham Macmillan

This alum and his partners at the nonprofit VisionSpring have developed an innovative way to distribute reading glasses to people in developing countries. Read more »