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Sulaiman Nasseri
Occupation: Volunteer

Nasseri, a Davis United World scholar from Kabul, and was recently awarded $10,000 for his "Empowering Afghan Women Through Embroidery" project. His goal is to provide a way for Afghan women to become less dependent on men or household incomes, as well as to encourage children off the streets and away from the child labor pool. Read more »

John Campbell
Occupation: Volunteer

John Campbell never imagined he would be essentially self-employed as the executive director of a nonprofit that brings students from Afghanistan to the United States for High School. Yet, only a year and a half out of college, Campbell is the executive director of Afghan Scholars Initiative (ASI). Read more »

Ellen London
Occupation: Writing

London knew she was passionate about journalism when she found herself picking through a Manhattan Dumpster researching a story as a graduate student at the Columbia School of Journalism. Read more »

James Cryan
Occupation: Education

The desire to help disadvantage children succeed in high school and get into college led this former Teach for America to start his own charter school in Denver. Read more »

Ellen Newcomb
Major: Government

This government major found her calling as an advocate for health care, which led her to law school at American University. Read more »

Charles Data
Occupation: Finance, Nonprofit

The former refugee returned home to take part in the rise of South Sudan. Read more »

David Barr Kirtley
Occupation: Writing
Major: Government

Kirtley is cohost of the popular Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy podcast. According to the show’s website, it receives 25,000 downloads per month. Read more »

Occupation: Business
Major: Government

MacLeay and his wife turned their love for the outdoors into a livelihood when they launched Trailspace, an online forum to discuss the latest outdoor gear. Read more »

Kendra King
Major: Government

This associate professor of politics at Oglethorpe University talks about the new political landscape and how she engages and inspires her students. Read more »

Kevin Plummer
Occupation: Education
Major: Government

As head of Tampa Preparatory School, Plummer dedicates himself not only to leading the school but also to making Tampa a better place to live. His primary focus is the prevention of underage drinking. Read more »

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