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Ben Hughes
Occupation: Arts, Education
Major: Music

After a Jan Plan teaching in India, a music major finds an outlet for his musical passion in teaching. Read more »

Daniel Martin
Occupation: Arts

As senior producer of Dancing With the Stars, Martin teases out stories during rehearsals and right through the final show each week. He has overseen the production of 121 episodes over the past eight years. Read more »

Josh Eldred
Occupation: Arts

This third-generation art and antiques dealer believes that technology and consumer education will keep his family business relevant. Read more »

Andrea Fine
Occupation: Arts
Major: Philosophy

Andrea Nix Fine, who got her start in Professor Phyllis Mannocchi's filmmaking class, won an Oscar for 2013's best short documentary film. Read more »

Occupation: Arts

Some people love visiting museums. Niles Parker ’91 loves museum visitors. Read more »

Occupation: Arts

The road to a successful film, television, and stage career required hard work and creative thinking for this actor. Read more »

Tim Christensen
Occupation: Arts
Major: English

After working a traditional job in publishing, this Maine native—an English major turned potter—now has his sgraffito pottery in galleries all over New England. Read more »

Kristin Herbster
Occupation: Arts, Writing

The creator of a word-and-image exhibit titled "Reproducing Motherhood," exhibited at Stanford, this artist has a second project titled "Inheritance." Read more »

Stefanie Rocknak
Occupation: Arts, Education

Rocknak teaches philosophy at Hartwick College, and in her off hours she sculpts wood. Read more »

Lincoln Peirce
Occupation: Arts
Major: Art

Lincoln Peirce '86, of Portland, Maine, is the creator of Big Nate, a comic strip published in daily and Sunday newspapers nationwide since 1991. Peirce is also the author of a series of graphic novels for young adults, a series that stars an 11-year-old sixth grader with a good heart- but also holds the record for school detentions. Read more »

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