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Tiffany Ng
Occupation: Business, Food

In Copenhagen, Tiffany Ng ’08 has created a gastronomic niche that is part food, part fashion, part musical theater. Read more »

Emily Goodnow

Awn Be Se means "we can" in Bambara, the local language in Bamako, Mali, and a $10,000 Projects for Peace award allowed this alumna to build girls' aspirations, business skills, and self images in this African capital. Read more »

Occupation: Business
Major: Chemistry

Doyle and his team at Desktop Genetics Ltd. have developed a bioinformatics management system, AutoClone, to revolutionize the way genetic engineers work in laboratories around the world. Read more »

Andrew Volk
Occupation: Business

After more than 10 years of bartending, Volk opened his own cocktail bar, Hunt & Alpine Club, in Portland, Maine. The bar specializes in craft cocktails. Read more »

Gabriel Duncan

With Walking Feet Travel, Gabriel Duncan ’02 turned his globetrotting lifestyle into a business and a life. Read more »

Occupation: Business

With a new ticket sales model, Reece and his website,, bring ski resorts and skiers online. Read more »

Occupation: Business

Understanding firsthand the power of word-of-mouth recommendations, Downey launched weeSpring, a website where new parents can browse, review, and recommend baby products. Read more »

Occupation: Business
Major: Economics

Working with a California mill to create a fabric from recycled beechwood fiber, Natenshon launched Marine Layer, a San Francisco-based clothing company that specializes in softer-than-cotton T-shirts. Read more »

Occupation: Business, Finance

This manager of a $3-billion global growth fund says he sees a common thread among Colby graduates in a wide array of careers: "The vast majority of them are having a heck of a lot of fun at whatever it is they do." Read more »

Occupation: Business

MacLeay and her husband turned their love for the outdoors into a livelihood when they launched Trailspace, an online forum to discuss the latest outdoor gear. Read more »

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