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Occupation: Education, Nonprofit
Major: Philosophy

In the week he graduated, Kalin published an essay in Time magazine and was profiled on page one of the Morning Sentinel. After graduation he planned to spread his sexual violence awareness movement, Party With Consent. Read more »

Tracey Tomlinson
Occupation: Education

Tomlinson is in her second year as a Teach For America teacher in Gallup, N.M., where she teaches life science. She chose New Mexico because she knew of the health problems in underserved Native American populations there. Read more »

Jessica Boyle
Occupation: Education
Major: Sociology

Homeless in high school, she fought to make Colby a place where students from all backgrounds can thrive. Read more »

Occupation: Education

An assistant teacher at the Walker School in Needham, Mass., Julia Bruss works with young students in a classroom for children with autism. Read more »

Emily Goodnow

Awn Be Se means "we can" in Bambara, the local language in Bamako, Mali, and a $10,000 Projects for Peace award allowed this alumna to build girls' aspirations, business skills, and self images in this African capital. Read more »

Occupation: Education

Mitchell Bartkiewicz joined Teach For America, then moved to a Knowledge Is Power Program school in Memphis. Three years in, he’s completing a KIPP fellowship and preparing to head up a second KIPP school in Memphis. Read more »

James Cryan
Occupation: Education

The desire to help disadvantage children succeed in high school and get into college led this former Teach for America to start his own charter school in Denver. Read more »

Natalie Ginsburg
Occupation: Education
Major: Psychology

For 10 kids from rural Mississippi, the trip to the national's capital with Ginsburg was a dream come true. "If I don't take them now, who will?" said Ginsburg. Read more »

Ben Hughes
Occupation: Arts, Education
Major: Music

After a Jan Plan teaching in India, a music major finds an outlet for his musical passion in teaching. Read more »

Antonio Mendez
Occupation: Education

This Posse Scholar spent a year on a Fulbright in Andorra. Read more »

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