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Annie Chen
Occupation: Government, Legal

Annie Chen ’12, a paralegal with the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, helps put terrorists and other bad guys behind bars. Read more »

Ellen Newcomb
Major: Government

This government major found her calling as an advocate for health care, which led her to law school at American University. Read more »

Stacey Mitchell
Major: Government

The nation’s top prosecutor for the Department of Justice’s Environmental Crimes Section gets called when cases are of monumental proportions. She is among the most expert of the experts in this area of law. Read more »

Rebecca Brunner-Peters
Occupation: Legal
Major: English

Working for Credit Suisse's legal department in Switzerland provides opportunities to enjoy the Swiss quality of life and take advantage of traveling to nearby European countries. Read more »

Henry Sockbeson
Occupation: Legal
Major: Government

A career spent advancing American Indian rights led this Penobscot Indian to the tribal supreme court. Read more »

W. T. Mason
Occupation: Legal

When he was a Colby student, in the 1940s, this distinguished African-American lawyer from Virginia was denied restaurant service — at Waterville's Elmwood Hotel. Read more »