To browse the issue, you may either start on page one, or you may look on the list below to find the particular work you are most interested in.

The works below are in the order they appeared in the magazine.
1) Cover: ink print by Molly Stratton
2) Thank you page
3) Editorial
4) The Girls on the Playground: a poem by Robyn Maco
5) An anonymous journal entry about an eating disorder
6) A piece by Susan Hesselbach about breast cancer
7) Onions and Love Letters: a poem by Abby Chandler
8) No Matter: a poem by Erin Henry
9) Paper cutting by Lucy Letcher
10) Conclusion of a research paper about the changing roles of women by Margie Fishman
11) "The Final Push for Suffrage": from Susan Ware's Modern American Women
12) Fem Facts
13) Blossom: a poem by Robyn Art
14) Shards of Flowers: short story by Julia Tatsch
15) On Tuesdays: a poem by Erin Mahon
16) Insight: ink and pencil drawing by Heather Moylan
17) Viscosity Girl: a poem by Robyn Art
18) Burnt and Drowned: a journal entry by Lesley Finneran
19) Changing Sexes: a poem by Casey Swan
20) Journal entry by Alyssa Hughes
21) Clinic Defense: a poem by Cori Green
22) Privilege: an anonymous poem distributed at a reproductive rights march

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