Who can view the content on this site?

All areas of this website except Civil Discourse, submission forms, and user account management pages are open to the public, so please use discretion in deciding what to post here. Civil Discourse is restricted to logged-in Colby account holders.

Who can subscribe? Who can post?

Users must log in to subscribe to emails or to create posts, and anyone with a Colby.edu email address can log in. All others can only view posts.

How can retirees receive ColbyNow emails?

Retirees who do not have Colby logins will not be able to manage their subscriptions but will continue to receive a daily email containing the day’s posts.

When are posts emailed to subscribers?

Emails go out early each morning. Events are emailed to subscribers on their start dates and, optionally, on two additional dates of the submitter’s choosing. Submitters can choose up to three dates on which to include Announcements and Marketplace posts in emails to subscribers. New posts to the Ride Board and Lost and Found are included in the next day’s email.

How long will this content exist?

Posts to ColbyNow will automatically expire after three months, and no archive will exist for posts older than this. Past Civil Discourse posts are archived annually. To explore the archive, please visit: https://www.colby.edu/civildiscoursearchive/

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