MASTER CLASS Hip Hop with Allie James

November 8, 2019
11/8/19 2:00 pm to 11/8/19 4:00 pm
Dunn Dance Studio/Runnals 2nd Floor

Allie James is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago, where she earned her BFA in Choreography. She has taught and performed dance in Chicago, South Africa, St. Louis, New York, and Portland, ME. Allie serves as the Admissions Director for the Bates Dance Festival, which brings together an
an international community of choreographers, performers, educators, and students in a cooperative community to study, perform and create new work.

In teaching, Allie’s philosophy surrounds the notions of awareness of the intellectual and physical self, which have incredible potential to fuel creativity. To that end, her classes work to develop dancers with a strong technical base in which personal choice and variation can be applied.

Allie travels back and forth from Portland to New York to continue teaching and making this work as part of SHIFT, a contemporary dance making duo.

Open to everyone

Friday, Nov. 8, 2019
2:00–4:00 p.m.

MASTER CLASS Hip Hop with Allie James
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