Nefesh Mountain in Concert

October 26, 2019
10/21/19 8:00 pm
Given Auditorium, Bixler Building

Nefesh Mountain, the critically acclaimed bluegrass, old-time, and American roots band that taps into Jewish tradition, will play their unique music Saturday, Oct. 26, at 8 p.m. at GIven Auditorium. Recently featured as an official Showcasing Artist at Americanafest 2019 in Nashville, Nefesh Mountain was profiled in Rolling Stone this past summer for their new video, A Mighty Roar. Blending American Appalachian traditions with the beautiful heritage of Jewish culture, the band has become the pioneer of a transcendent new genre, touring internationally with their music and fusing these seemingly disparate worlds with songs and spirituals in English and Hebrew. Creators, band leaders, and husband and wife team Doni Zasloff and Eric Lindberg are the heart of this eclectic band, pioneering a new world of American culture which seamlessly blends their deep love for American and Western musical forms with their own cultural backgrounds as Jewish Americans. Tickets $18 at the door, free for students. http://www.colby.edu/jewishlife/fall-shabbaton/

Nefesh Mountain in Concert
Posted October 21 at 9:28 pm
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Posted By Elizabeth Snider