Big Bicycle (like new) for sale!


I bought a bicycle a little while back and it turns out I don’t have room to store it, and frankly am not using it at all. I am sure someone at Colby might find some use for this! The cool thing about this bike is that it is setup to be fairly sizable and comes with off road large tires, great for rain/snow/trails/etc. I bought the thing for about $350 bucks, but since I am just trying to clear it out and potentially help someone get a nice bike for cheap I am going to sell it for $180.

This includes a bike lock, 2 bike seats that can be swapped out, and of course the bike itself.

I live right down the road from Colby along the shuttle route, and the bike is in working condition. We would just need to arrange a time for exchange!

send emails to stile.cantrell@colby.edu if interested.

Big Bicycle (like new) for sale!
Posted September 26 at 3:29 pm
Posted By Stile Cantrell