“Stuggling for Justice: A Round-table Discussion on Indigenous People and Human Rights in Colombia”
November 15, 2000
An evening of discussion and dialogue with indigenous leaders and human rights activists from Colombia. Guests include Hector Mondragon, Oak Fellow 2000, Armando Valbuena, president of ONIC the Indian National Organization of Colombia, a representative of the U’Wa nation, currently struggling to protect ancestral lands from the effects of oil exploration and extraction, and Omaira Bolanos, a longtime activist with indigenous groups in the Cauca Valley, Colombia.
“Living Silence” Burma Under Military Rule” with Dr. Christina Fink
October 25, 2000
Christina Fink has researched how military rule has been experienced, and in some ways unintentionally perpetuated, by Burmese citizens. She has considered the degree to which the regime has been successful in imposing silence, erasing politically-charged historical moments, and creating an isolated and suspicious populace. She has also explored the ways in which some individuals and groups have sought to challenge widespread passivity and open up spaces for dialogue in a quest to promote civic engagement and a political transformation. (Co-sponsored by Department of Anthropology, Colby Amnesty International, and the Oak Institute.)
“The Global Elimination of Land Mines: Where is Washington?” with Dr. Christopher Kirkey
October 12, 2000
Dr. Kirkey holds a fellowship created and funded by the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade’s Mines Action Team to raise American awareness of land mines and the international movement to ban them. As the Canadian Mine Action Scholar and a specialist on U.S.-Canadian relations, Kirkey lectures across the United States on anti-personnel mines, the Ottawa Convention, the U.S. land mine policy and de-mining 2010 initiative, and the current status of mine usage internationally. (Co-sponsored by Colby’s Department of French and Italian, the International Studies Program, the Oak Institute for the Study of International Human Rights and Colby’s Amnesty International chapter.
“Understanding the Colombian Crisis: Reflections from a Life of Human Rights Work,” A public lecture by Hector Mondragon, Oak Fellow 2000
October 5, 2000
An analysis of the broader political and economic roots of Colombia’s current human rights crisis. For more information, a press release is available on the Colby News page.

“Confronting the Crisis in Colombia: Testing U.S. Foreign Policy in the New Millennium”
September 25, 2000
A panel discussion of the current aid package to Colombia with guests: Alex Lee, Senior Colombia desk officer, U.S. State Department, Dr. Cynthia Arnson, Assistant Director for Latin American Studies, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Winnifred Tate, Senior Fellow, Washington Offive on Latin America. For more information, a press release is available on the Colby News pag