Theme: Water & Human Rights

Spring 2020 Oak Humans Rights Fellow Venuste Kubwimana

Venuste Kubwimana

Water activist, Venuste Kubwimana founded “A Water Kiosk at School”, a start-up which has transformed communities and engaged schools in rural Kenya and Rwanda by improving access to clean water.

Kubwimana was born and brought up in a rural and poor family of seven siblings in the Southern province of Rwanda. After losing much of his family during the Rwandan genocide in 1994, he was left to care for his younger siblings and often had to miss school to fetch water from distant clean water sources.

Kubwimana’s experience inspired him to partner with a friend to form International Transformation Foundation (ITF) – a nonprofit organization that provides youth leadership and entrepreneurship programs to develop jobs and contribute to the development Rwandan and Kenyan communities.

In 2013, Venuste turned his focus to improving water access in the region. He partnered his organization with Join the Pipe Foundation, launching “A Water Kiosk at School”, a project that involves installing specially designed Dutch tap stations near playgrounds, city centers, parks, schools and bus stations in Kenya in order for people to have access to clean drinking water. To date, the program’s 11 Water Kiosks across Kenya and Rwanda have given 117,858 people access to clean drinking water.


The Son of Genocide

A film about Venuste Kubwimana, Spring 2020 Oak Humans Rights Fellow