Each fall, the current Oak fellow teaches a one credit, non-graded seminar class on human rights. In the seminar, the Oak fellow teaches not only basic human rights concepts, but also shares personal background to give students a prominent example of human rights advocacy.

GS111 Course Description (Fall 2013): Offered by Colby’s Oak Human Rights Fellows, Maung Maung Than and Mya Nandar Aung, an examination of displacement and internment associated with war, political repression, and social marginalization, with a special focus on the struggles of the Rohingya, a Muslim minority in Myanmar (Burma). What does it mean to be “stateless?” Do we have a basic human right to be citizens of some state? Why are the Rohingya in Myanmar so badly mistreated?

Students also have the option to add a one credit lab practicum in addition to the GS111 seminar.