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Advisory Committee on Off-Campus Study 2006-2007

Criteria for approval of petitions for waiver of the 2.7 minimum GPA requirement for off-campus study during the academic year 2007-2008

Petitions will be approved at the discretion of the Off-Campus Study Advisory Committee and within the space constraints of the enrollment goals of the College. The selection criteria on which petitions will be judged are listed below.

The student must submit a completed and signed program application (Colby programs) or program approval form (non-Colby programs). He/she must also submit the GPA faculty recommendation form, which must refer specifically to the student's participation in the chosen program. If this form is not filled out by the student's advisor, the advisor must indicate his/her support in a brief statement. The student must also attach a letter of petition which addresses the issues listed below. Petitions will be considered on the basis of how successfully the student has demonstrated the following:

  • The reasons for the low GPA and evidence that progress is already underway;

  • Evidence that the benefits of off-campus study outweigh the advantages of staying at Colby and improving the GPA;

  • A compelling academic reason or reasons for off-campus study, supported by the major advisor(s).

If your petition is successful, your approval will be contingent upon obtaining a 2.7 semester (not cumulative) GPA in the spring. If you do not meet this condition, your approval may be withdrawn.

Please note: Petitions are acted upon once by the Advisory Committee on Off-Campus Study. Please be sure that you make the best case you possibly can in your initial submission, including faculty recommendations and any additional input you may deem useful by supportive faculty members. The entire petition must be complete before it is given to the committee. *NO ADDITIONAL INFORMATION WILL BE CONSIDERED AFTER THE ORIGINAL SUBMISSION DATE.* All materials are due in the Office of Off-Campus Study by March 1, 2007.

Revised 10-06


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