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Advisory Committee for Off-Campus Study

Information for Faculty on Off-Campus Study petitions for study abroad in academic year 2007-2008

The following is a list of the situations that require a student to petition the Off-Campus Study Office and Advisory Committee on Off-Campus Study by March 1, 2007, and the materials that must be submitted as part of the petition. The student can only petition one time; no petition can be reconsidered at a later date with new material, including additional faculty recommendations. All materials should thus be submitted with the student's petition before March 1. Specific details of petition criteria are available on our web site at All petitions will be approved at the discretion of the Off-Campus Study Advisory Committee and within the space constraints of the enrollment goals of the College.

A.Off-campus study by any student whose GPA is below 2.7 after Jan Plan of 2007.
This petition must include:

  • The application or program approval form for the specific program. The petition must be made for one program, not general permission to go abroad. Program approval forms will be blue (non-Colby, approved programs), or yellow (domestic programs). Colby program applications will be buff.

  • A letter of petition from the student.

  • A GPA Petition Faculty Recommendation form from a faculty member (student will give the faculty this form). Comments may be added to this form, which is green. This faculty member may or may not be the student 's advisor, but the advisor must sign the program application or approval form as per the usual process, and must indicate his or her support in a brief statement on the form or in an e-mail.

B.Off-campus study for more than one semester (unless the student is exempt from petitioning according to the policies outlined in the OCS handbook). This includes off-campus study in one location for a year or in two different locations for a semester each ("Y2").
This petition must include:

  • The program application and/or approval form(s) for the specific program or programs.

  • A letter of petition from the student.

  • A letter of support from a faculty member. There is no specific form, but the student will give the faculty member the criteria for such petitions, as established by the OCS Advisory Committee. See comments above if the letter-writer is not the student's advisor.

C.A Program, either abroad or domestic, that is not on the current "approved list" (in the OCS handbook).
This petition must include:

  • The gray program approval form. The forms for programs not on the approved list are different from the normal blue (abroad) and yellow (domestic) forms for approved programs.

  • A letter of petition from the student

  • A letter of support from a faculty member or members. The student will share with the faculty member the petition form and information sheet, which delineate the criteria for a one-time approval of a program for a specific student.

Students will be notified by mid-January whether they will need to petition, based on their preliminary applications. They will have a meeting scheduled in OCS, be given relevant criteria and forms, and encouraged to contact faculty members for support immediately. Students not on campus in January will meet with OCS in early February.


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