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Advisory Committee on Off-Campus Study 2006-2007

Criteria for approval of petitions to participate in a year-long off-campus study program, or two separate semesters of off-campus study ("Y2"). For study abroad in 2007-2008.

Petitions will be approved at the discretion of the Off-Campus Study Advisory Committee within the constraints of the enrollment goals of the College. Each petition must be based on one of the reasons listed below. However, not every petition with such a reason will be approved. The selection criteria on which petitions will be judged are listed at the end of this document.

The student must submit a program application (Colby programs) or program approval form (non-Colby programs). In the case of Y2, the student must submit the forms for both of the programs in question. All signatures must be obtained before the petition can be considered. The student must attach a letter of petition addressing the issues below. He/she must also attach a letter of support from at least one faculty member addressing specifically those issues as well. If this faculty member is not the student's advisor, the advisor must indicate his/her support in a brief statement. If the student has two majors, each must submit a statement addressing the student's plans.

Petition Basis
The petition must be for at least one of the following:

Acceptable petitionable reasonsfor full year on one program:

  • Cumulative language acquisition relevant to major or career plans. The student's entire curriculum must be in the host country language.

  • A comprehensive and cumulative program involving specific courses which build upon one another in such a way as to make the year of study essential to the goals of participation.

Acceptable petitionable reasons for a year at two sites (Y2):

  • Two majors, both of which would be enhanced in a decisive and irreplaceable way by different study abroad programs. (Note: Students with two majors, each of which requires study abroad, are exempt from petitioning unless participation on a single program fulfills the goals of each major).

  • A student who has been recommended by the Dean of Students Office to complete the college language requirement on a specified language immersion program, but who also wishes to study abroad on a program appropriate to his/her major.

  • Plans to do a comprehensive project for which a semester of study in two different locations is necessary. The student must demonstrate that a senior thesis or similar project will be done during his or her senior year, and that the project has a faculty sponsor. A two-page prospectus of the proposed project must be submitted with the student's petition.

Selection Criteria
The Advisory Committee on Off-campus Study will approve petitions from among all of those received, based on how well the following criteria and questions are addressed:

  • How compelling is the reason given for spending two semesters abroad?
  • How strong is the support given by the faculty advisor(s)?
  • Does the student's record demonstrate academic achievement, initiative and maturity?
  • How well-conceived are the student's plans, for his/her time abroad, his/her time back at Colby, and beyond?
  • How appropriate is the program selection to the student's academic goals?

Please note: Petitions are acted upon once by the Advisory Committee on Off-Campus Study. Please be sure that you make the best case you possibly can in your initial submission, including any input you may deem useful by supportive faculty members. The entire petition must be complete before it is given to the committee. *NO ADDITIONAL INFORMATION WILL BE CONSIDERED AFTER THE ORIGINAL SUBMISSION DATE. * All materials are due in the Office of Off-Campus Study by March 1, 2007.

Revised 10-06


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