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Emergency Plan for Off-Campus Programs

Colby College Office of Off-Campus Study
Emergency Plan for Off-Campus Programs in Times of National or International Conflict, Emergency, National Disaster
Approved By Senior Staff 9-25-01

Colby College is committed to the safety and security of all of its students, both on campus and abroad. When troubled circumstances arise, we will monitor the situation carefully to determine if any steps must be taken. Such steps may include, but are not limited to:

A. Programs already abroad (including semester programs and JanPlans)

  • Reinforcing safety precautions with students
  • Registering students with US Embassy or Consulate
  • Suspension or constraint of individual travel
  • Suspension or constraint of group travel
  • Meeting with the US Embassy or Consulate
  • Moving the program site (either from one city to another, one country to another or one building to another within the same city and country)
  • Returning to the students to the US by the safest possible means (perhaps rerouting them through different routes/airports than originally planned)
  • Moving the students to a safe location if return to the US is not possible and the program site is determined to be at risk, if travel is possible

B. Programs which are scheduled to go (including semester programs and JanPlans)

  • Rerouting, restructuring or relocating the program
  • Suspending the program for a later date
  • Cancelling the program

Sources of information used to make a determination of appropriate steps will include, but are not limited to:

  • US State Department travel announcements, warnings, country pages, consultations
  • In-country information from US Consulates or Embassies and program staff
  • Information from other programs and colleagues in the field of off-campus study
  • Information from regional experts
  • Information from airline safety authorities

For A (Programs already abroad) options 1-5 may be exercised by the Director of Off-Campus Study in consultation with the on-site faculty director. Options 6-8 and all options with regard to B (Programs which are scheduled to go) will be decided by the President of the College in consultation with the following: The Director of Off-Campus Study, the Dean of Faculty, the Administrative Vice President, the Associate Vice President for Administration, the Associate Vice President for Investments and the Vice President for Student Affairs.

If circumstances necessitate, the Director of Off-Campus study will request an urgent meeting with the above individuals to make decisions as quickly as possible. The Director of Off-Campus Study will convey the decision(s) to program staff, students and parents.


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