Educating for the Global World

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To thrive in today’s rapidly changing global age, you need to be ready to engage meaningfully with today’s world of unprecedented diversity. Colby’s commitment to providing students with quality off-campus academic opportunities has been a longstanding part of its educational philosophy. You will be given the chance to wade or dive into another culture and experience a wealth of knowledge and self-awareness, enriching your undergraduate experience.

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 Saduo Dangui, Colby’20 blog from Spain:

“The past still lives and breathes with the present, shaping the lives of the present and contributing to the future.The Mezquita started out as a mosque, but then the Christians overtook Andalucía and wanted to turn it into a church. However, they were so taken aback by the beauty of the structure that they stopped all reconstruction, leaving the Mezquita today as a sacred place where both Christians can go for misa and muslims go for their own prayers. It’s a mix of two diverging cultures, and our tour guide also said that this is evidence that religions CAN indeed live in peace with each other, at least for a while. Beauty, at that time, was enough to pause the ugliness of war….”