Off-Campus Study


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Educating for the Global World

To thrive in the rapidly changing global age, our students need to be prepared and equipped with global competencies vital for understanding and engaging with today’s world of unprecedented diversity. The opportunity to study in another country is an integral part of Colby’s educational philosophy and our commitment to providing students with quality off-campus academic choices has been longstanding. About two-thirds of our students participate in one or more global experiences during their time on the Hill, expanding and enhancing their undergraduate education.

Off-Campus Office

We oversee a rich portfolio of quality credit bearing semester and year long programs, both international and domestic. In collaboration with academic advisors we provide students who wish to study away with guidance and support throughout the entire process.

Off-Campus Process in a Nutshell 


Understand your Options

The key to having a successful off-campus study experience is to spend some time researching all possibilities, thinking about your goals and talking to others. The more people you speak with, the more research you do and thought you invest into choosing your program, the better your ultimate choice will be!  Start exploring.

Eligibility and Policy

Find about your eligibility criteria, petitions, and course transfer.

Explore Programs

Explore Colby approved programs according to region, country, city, language, academic major and more. Read program brochures. Learn about the different types of programs.   View programs

Attend OCS Events

Come to the Colby Off Campus Study Fair and attend the Sophomore Information Session, both in September and mandatory for sophomores planning to study off campus.

Start Online Application

Our process is two-tiered.

  1. First you will need to create an online profile and complete an online STATEMENT OF INTENT TO STUDY OFF CAMPUS application to indicate your intention to study off campus by November 15. You will be asked to share information about your semester choice, academic background, foreign language proficiency and your goals for off-campus study. After your eligibility is evaluated, you will be notified by us and can start
  2. APPLYING FOR A CONCRETE PROGRAM, typically by early December.



Statement of Intent to Study Off Campus


Apply for Programs