SENIORS (abroad Spring 18&Fall 17) join the conversation, “unpack” and reflect in small groups on what you have experienced while away and how it connects to your current life and your peers.   We will provide a framework and international desserts.  

The Washington Center INFO SESSION

The TWC experience goes beyond internships. It will help you to with your professional development, connections and guidance you’ll need to pursue a fulfilling career.

INFO SESSION for JanPlan 2019: Intern. Relations Global Seminar in Salzburg, Austria

The Info Night will cover program dates, course content, eligibility, cost, financial aid, and other details.   What causes war? Is global progress possible? How is international order created and maintained? When does it break down? How can it be restored? For the first time, Colby offers you an opportunity to investigate these and other...

JanPlan in India Information Session

JanPlan in India (En 237: Postcolonial Pastoral) offers an immersive learning experience in the Himalayan foothills of eastern India focusing on literature, community, art, religion, and the environment.  The information session will be held on Sept 11, Tuesday, at 9p.m. in Miller 14. Information about eligibility, course content, itinerary, and costs will be shared with students at...

Mandatory Sophomore Information Session

MANDATORY Sophomore Information Session for all sophomores considering off-campus study during 2019/2020 is on Thursday, September 20, 2018, 5:00 p.m. in Page Commons. We look forward to seeing you.