COVID 19 – Frequently Asked Questions

last updated: March 25th, 2020

1. How is Colby advising and responding to the needs of students studying abroad?

Colby has suspended its program in Salamanca and students are completing their courses remotely to insure they receive full credit.  For non-Colby programs, the Off-Campus Study Office (OCS) is relying on our program providers and host universities abroad to work with local authorities and governments to determine emergency crisis plans.  OCS is in daily contact with or providers and program participants to share updates specific to their program and region.

2. What will Colby do in cases when programs are suspended?  
Colby is working to support students to the best of our ability to insure that they remain on track academically. Many students have been offered a provision for completing credits remotely, and Colby will accept those credits.
3. If a student chooses to leave a program that has not been suspended, how will credits be affected? 
In cases where the program is offering a provision for completion of academic work online, Colby will accept those credits. In cases and for courses where online options aren’t possible, Colby is accepting online credits from elsewhere and students can complete a transfer of credit form on the registrar’s page,  In seeking approval, students should contact their academic advisors and the registrar. While credit must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, we will work with students to the best of our ability to insure they remain on track for graduation.
Students may take their online courses S/U (or P/F if that is the terminology your provider uses). You may receive letter grades if you prefer, but you may also opt for S/U if you are offered that by your provider.
4. Since Colby has recalled students worldwide, what are the implications for students who have chosen to remain?
In this case, OCS recommends that decisions are made with students’ families and students can obtain a Release of Liability waiver from OCS.

5. What recommendations does Colby have for students traveling independently? 

Colby recommends limiting and considering personal travel. As the situation escalates, there are more and more CDC level 3 countries and travel restrictions are being implemented as well as quarantines.  Please monitor the situation closely through the U.S. Department of State,, and CDC,, websites.  Travelers should exercise preventions against illness recommended on our COVID-19 webpage as well as take basic precautions to prepare for travel disruptions such as registering independent travel with program staff,  keeping cellphones charged and operational and checking their email daily.
6. Can I get a refund for my housing payments if the program suspends its operations?
Students should contact their program provider re: housing refunds. For Colby in Salamanca, we will be contacting our students re: prorated housing refunds.
7. Can I get a refund for flight costs? 
OCS is currently working with the College on this. Please check back.
8. What are the best public sources of information?
Specific travel pages of U.S. State Department Country Specific Travel Advisories,
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,
World Health Organization,
Colby’s COVID-19 web page is updated several times a day.