Fundraising for Study Abroad

Tools for Estimating How Much You Need

Accessing and Managing Your Money Abroad

Managing your money, accessing funds, and how much money you will spend while off-campus will vary much depending on where you are, how much you travel and go out, and the local financial systems and cost of living in the country in which you are studying. Your program will provide information on managing these matters safely as well as what may be included in your program fee. We also recommend reading program evaluations or contacting past student participants. Consider costs of personal travel, personal spending, sightseeing and souvenirs in your budget.

We recommend taking your personal spending money in a combination of a credit card, an ATM card, and traveler’s checks (not accepted everywhere). Before leavinginform your bank and verify that your checking account ATM card will work overseas, be aware of what fees they will charge, and have them tag your account so that overseas charges won’t be seen as suspicious. Leave bank deposit slips with your parents, if they will be “feeding” your account while you are abroad.