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Program Name Country Region Program Website
AIT (Aquincum Institute of Technology) Hungary Europe       
Advanced studies in England (ASE) (Petition) England Europe       
American University Center of Provence (AUCP) (Petition) France Europe       
American University in Belgium: European Union in Action Belgium Europe       
Arcadia Univ. in Granada Spain Europe       
Associated Colleges in China China Asia       
Associated Kyoto Program Japan Asia       
Australian National University (Canberra) Australia Oceania/Pacific Islands       
Ben Gurion University (Petition & Travel Warning Petition) Israel (Travel Warning) Middle East       
Boston University Paris Internship Program (Petition) France Europe       
Boston University in Grenoble France Europe       
Boston University in Padova Italy Europe       
Boston University-Geneva internship program Switzerland Europe       
Boston University-London Internship Program England Europe       
Botswana-Linyanti Student Pogram, Round River Conservation Studies (Petition) Botswana Africa       
Bowling Green State University in Salzburg (Petition) Austria Europe       
Brandeis in The Hague (Petition) Netherlands Europe       
Brown University in Bologna Italy Europe       
Brown University in Lyon (Petition) France Europe       
Brown in Cuba (Petition) Cuba Latin America       
Budapest Math semester with St. Olaf College (Petition) Hungary Europe       
Buddhist Studies, Antioch Univ. Education Abroad India Asia       
Butler Univ-Mexico: Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan (Petition & Travel Warning Petition) Mexico (Travel Warning) Latin America       
CET Harbin OR Beijing China Asia       
CET Prague (multiple programs) (Petition) Czech Republic Europe       
CET in Siena (Univ of Virginia) (Petition) Italy Europe       
CHP (Collegium Hieronymi Pragensis) (Petition) Czech Republic Europe       
CIEE Ghana – Arts & Sciences, Legon (Accra) (Petition) Ghana Africa       
CIEE in Barcelona Spain Europe       
CIEE in Beijing China Asia       
CIEE in Belgium – Advanced Liberal Arts (Petition) Belgium Europe       
CIEE in Budapest (Petition) Hungary Europe       
CIEE in Buenos Aires – Liberal Arts Argentina Latin America       
CIEE in Cape Town – Arts & Sciences South Africa Africa       
CIEE in Costa Rica: Tropical Ecology & Conservation (Petition) Costa Rica Latin America       
CIEE in Istanbul – Arts & Sciences Turkey Europe       
CIEE in Jordan – Language & Culture Jordan Middle East       
CIEE in Lisbon: Language and Culture Portugal       
CIEE in Prague – Central European Studies Czech Republic Europe       
CIEE in Sao Paulo, Salvador da Bahia, OR Rio de Janeiro (Petition) Brazil Latin America       
CIEE in Senegal – Language & Culture Senegal Africa       
CIEE in Seoul, South Korea – Arts & Sciences Korea (Republic of) Asia       
CIEE in Seville Spain Europe       
CIEE in Shanghai: Business, language & culture China Asia       
CIEE in St. Petersburg, Russia Russia Europe       
CIEE in Taipei Taiwan Asia       
CIEE in the Domincan Republic: Santo Domingo OR Santiago – Liberal Arts (Petition) Dominican Republic Latin America       
CIEE: Amsterdam-Social Sciences (Petition) Netherlands Europe       
CIEE: Sweden (Uppsala)-Arts & Sciences (Petition) Sweden Europe       
CIEE: Valparaiso – Liberal Arts Chile Latin America       
China Studies Institute China Asia       
Chinese University of Hong Kong (Petition) China-Hong Kong Asia       
Colby at Bigelow Laboratory: Changing Oceans U.S.A North America       
Colby in Dijon (Language Program) France Europe       
Colby in Dijon (University Level Program) France Europe       
Colby in Salamanca – Integrated Program Spain Europe       
Colby in Salamanca – Language Acquisition Program Spain Europe       
Colby in St. Petersburg Russia Europe       
College Year in Athens, Greece Greece Europe       
Columbia-Penn in Paris France Europe       
Comparative Women’s and Gender Studies in Europe Multiple Countries Europe       
DIS-Study in Scandinavia in Copenhagen Denmark Europe       
DIS-Study in Scandinavia in Stockholm (petition) Sweden Europe       
Dartmouth Dual Degree in Engineering Program U.S.A North America       
EDUCO (Emory/Duke/Cornell) in Paris France Europe       
Eastern College Consortium (E.C.C.O.) in Bologna Italy Europe       
Euroscholars: Leiden University OR Universiteit van Amsterdam, The Netherlands OR Utrecht University (Petition) Netherlands Europe       
Euroscholars: University of Geneva OR University of Zurich (Petition) Switzerland Europe       
Frontiers Abroad: Earth Systems (Petition) New Zealand Oceania/Pacific Islands       
Frontiers Abroad: Geology of New Zealand (Petition) New Zealand Oceania/Pacific Islands       
Hamilton College in Madrid Spain Europe       
Hamilton College in Paris France Europe       
Headlong Performance Institute, Philadelphia (Petition) U.S.A North America       
Hebrew University (Travel Warning Petition) Israel (Travel Warning) Middle East       
Howard University, Washington, D.C. (Exchange) U.S.A North America       
IES Abroad: Amsterdam-Sciences & Psychology (Petition) Netherlands Europe       
IES Berlin: Language and Area Studies Germany Europe       
IES Freiburg: Environmental Studies and Sustainability (Petition) Germany Europe       
IES Freiburg: European Union Germany Europe       
IES Freiburg: Language and Area Studies Germany Europe       
IES London – Study London program ONLY England Europe       
IES Paris – French studies program France Europe       
IES Vienna, Austria: European Society & Culture Austria Europe       
IES in Buenos Aires Argentina Latin America       
IES in Siena Italy Europe       
IFSA Butler Univ-Mendoza Universities Program Argentina Latin America       
IFSA Butler: Pontificia Universidad Catolica (PUC) del Peru Peru Latin America       
IFSA-Butler: Glasgow School of Art Scotland Europe       
IFSA-Butler: Stranmillis University College Teacher Education, Queen’s University Belfast (Petition) Northern Ireland Europe       
IFSA-Butler: Universidad de la Habana (Petition) Cuba Latin America       
Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies (ICCS) in Rome Italy Europe       
Intercollegiate Sri Lanka Education (ISLE) Sri Lanka Asia       
James Cook University (Townsville Campus ONLY) Australia Oceania/Pacific Islands       
Kansai Gaidai University Japan Asia       
Kings College London England Europe       
Kings College, London-Health & Society program England Europe       
Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies (KCJS) Japan Asia       
Lewis and Clark in Munich Germany Europe       
London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) England Europe       
London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) England Europe       
McGill University, Montreal (Petition) Canada North America       
Middlebury College in Cordoba (Petition) Spain Europe       
Middlebury College in Hangzhou China Asia       
Middlebury College in Kunming (Petition) China Asia       
Middlebury College in Russia (Petition) Russia Europe       
Midllebury in Uruguay Uruguay Latin America       
NYU in Prague Czech Republic Europe       
NYU in Tel Aviv (Travel Warning Petition) Israel (Travel Warning) Middle East       
Namibia Desert Student Program, Round River Conservation Studies-Namibia Namibia Africa       
National Theatre Institute (Petition) U.S.A North America       
New York University in Florence Italy Europe       
Organization for Tropical Studies, Duke U. in Costa Rica – Global Health (Petition) Costa Rica Latin America       
Organization for Tropical Studies, Duke Univ.: African Ecology & Conservation South Africa Africa       
Organization for Tropical Studies, Duke University, in Costa Rica: Tropical Biology (Petition) Costa Rica Latin America       
PRESHCO in Cordoba Spain Europe       
Patagonia Chile Student Program, Round River Conservation Studies Chile Latin America       
People, Ecology, and Development (ISDSI) Thailand Asia       
Pitzer College, Nepal Nepal Asia       
Pomona College, Claremont, CA (Exchange) U.S.A North America       
Queen Mary, University of London England Europe       
Queen’s University Belfast (Petition) Northern Ireland Europe       
Royal Holloway, University of London England Europe       
SEA Semester – 5 distinct programs (Petition) U.S.A Latin America,North America,Oceania/Pacific Islands       
SFS Tanzania: Wildlife Management Studies Tanzania Africa       
SFS in Panama: Tropical Island Biodiversity and Conservation Studies (Petition) Panama Latin America       
SIT Argentina: Social Movements and Human Rights Argentina Latin America       
SIT Chile: Public Health, Traditional Medicine, and Community Empowerment Chile Latin America       
SIT Czech Republic: Arts & Social Change Czech Republic Europe       
SIT Ecuador: Development, Politics & Languages Ecuador Latin America       
SIT India: Health and Human Rights (Petition) India Asia       
SIT India: National Identity and the Arts (Petition) India Asia       
SIT India: Sustainable Development and Social Change (Petition) India Asia       
SIT Jordan: Modernization and Social Change Jordan Middle East       
SIT Kenya: Urbanization, Health & Human Rights (Travel Warning Petition) Kenya (Travel Warning) Africa       
SIT Nepal/Tibet: Tibetan & Himalayan Peoples (Petition) Nepal Asia       
SIT Nepal: Development and Social Change (Petition) Nepal Asia       
SIT Peru: Indigenous Peoples & Globalization Peru Latin America       
SIT Rwanda: Post-Genocide Restauration and Peacebuilding Rwanda Africa       
SIT Switzerland: International Studies and Multilateral Diplomacy Switzerland Europe       
SIT in Australia: Rainforest, Reef, and Cultural Ecology Australia Oceania/Pacific Islands       
SIT in Australia: Sustainability and Environmental Action Australia Oceania/Pacific Islands       
SIT in Bolivia: Multiculturalism, Globalization, & Social Change Bolivia Latin America       
SIT in Brazil: Social Justice and Sustainable Development (Petition) Brazil Latin America       
SIT in Cameroon: Social Pluralism and Development Cameroon Africa       
SIT in Chile: Comparative Education & Social Change Chile Latin America       
SIT in Chile: Cultural Identity, Social Justice, and Community Development Chile Latin America       
SIT in Ecuador: Comparative Ecology and Conservation Ecuador Latin America       
SIT in Madagascar: Biodiversity & Natural Resource Management Madagascar Africa       
SIT in Madagascar: Urbanization and Rural Development Madagascar Africa       
SIT in Morocco: Multiculturalism & Human Rights Morocco Africa       
SIT in Panama: Tropical Ecology, Marine Ecosystems, and Biodiversity Conservation Panama Latin America       
SIT in South Africa: Social & Political Transformation South Africa Africa       
SIT in Tanzania: Coastal Ecology and Natural Resource Management Tanzania Africa       
SIT in Tanzania: Wildlife Conservation & Political Ecology Tanzania Africa       
SIT in Uganda: Development Studies Uganda Africa       
SIT in Vietnam: Culture, Social Change, and Development (Petition) Vietnam Asia       
SIT-IHP Comparative: Climate Change: The Politics of Food, Water, and Energy (Petition) Multiple Countries Asia,Latin America,Middle East,North America       
SIT-IHP Comparative: Cities in the 21st Century – People, Planning, and Politics Multiple Countries --Select--       
SIT-IHP Comparative: Health & Community – Globalization, Culture, and Care Multiple Countries Africa,Asia,Latin America,North America       
SIT-IHP Comparative: Human Rights – Foundations, Challenges, and Advocacy Multiple Countries --Select--       
SIT-IHP: Rethinking Food Security: Agriculture, People, and Politics (petition) Multiple Countries --Select--       
SIT-IHP: Social Entrepreneurship: Innovation, Technology, Design, and Social Change (Petition) Multiple Countries --Select--       
SIT: South Africa-Multiculturalism & Human Rights (Cape Town) South Africa Africa       
School for Field Studies in Australia: Rainforest Management Studies Australia Oceania/Pacific Islands       
School for Field Studies in Costa Rica: Sustainable Development Studies Costa Rica Latin America       
School for Field Studies in Turks & Caicos Islands: Marine Resource Management Studies Turks and Caicos (British West Indies) Latin America       
School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London England Europe       
Semester in Environmental Science (SES), Woods Hole U.S.A North America       
Smith College in Geneva, Switzerland Switzerland Europe       
South India Term Abroad (SITA) in Madurai India Asia       
St Lawrence Univ-Kenya Semester Program (Petition & Travel warning petition) Kenya (Travel Warning) Africa       
Syracuse University in Florence Italy Europe       
Tel Aviv University (Travel Warning Petition) Israel (Travel Warning) Middle East       
Temple University in Rome Italy Europe       
Temple University: Japan Campus (Tokyo) (Petition) Japan Asia       
The Alliance for Global Education in China (Beijing, Shanghai, or Xi’an) (Petition) China Asia       
The Alliance for Global Education in India (Pune, Manipal* and Varanasi*) (Petition) India Asia       
The Swedish Program Sweden Europe       
The University of Hong Kong (Petition) China-Hong Kong Asia       
The Washington Center U.S.A North America       
Trinity College in Rome Italy Europe       
Trinity College, Dublin Ireland Europe       
Trinity/La MaMa Performing Arts Program in New York City (Petition) U.S.A North America       
Tufts in Tubingen Germany Europe       
UNIS Svalbard- Arctic Studies Program (Petition) Norway Europe       
UPCES (Undergraduate Program in Central European Studies) (Petition) Czech Republic Europe       
USAC-University of Oslo (Petition) Norway Europe       
University College Cork Ireland Europe       
University College London England Europe       
University of Auckland New Zealand Oceania/Pacific Islands       
University of Bristol England Europe       
University of East Anglia England Europe       
University of Edinburgh Scotland Europe       
University of Glasgow Scotland Europe       
University of Haifa (Travel Warning Petition) Israel (Travel Warning) Middle East       
University of Melbourne Australia Oceania/Pacific Islands       
University of New South Wales (Sydney) (Petition) Australia Oceania/Pacific Islands       
University of Otago New Zealand Oceania/Pacific Islands       
University of Oxford England Europe       
University of Queensland (Brisbane) Australia Oceania/Pacific Islands       
University of Regensburg Germany Europe       
University of St. Andrews Scotland Europe       
University of Sussex England Europe       
University of Sydney Australia Oceania/Pacific Islands       
University of Tasmania Australia Oceania/Pacific Islands       
University of Western Australia (Perth) Australia Oceania/Pacific Islands       
University of York England Europe       
Victoria University of Wellington New Zealand Oceania/Pacific Islands       
Washington Semester, American University U.S.A North America       
Washington University Program in Chile Chile Latin America       
Wellesley in Aix France Europe       
Williams College-Mystic Seaport Program in American Maritime Studies U.S.A North America       

Colby in Salamanca – Integrated Program

Located in Spain


Min GPA 2.7; 7 semesters of Spanish (All students must have completed SP135 and SP 231 before departure)

Other Requirements


Type of Program
  • University-Based Program
Areas of Study
  • Arts
  • Humanities
  • Natural Sciences
  • Social Sciences
  • Spanish
Program Languages
  • Spanish
Terms Offered
  • Fall
  • Spring
  • Year
Colby Status

Colby Program

Additional Program Information

Colby in Slamanca's integrated program integrates American students directly into the Spanish university system. After a one month orientation session, students enroll in regular courses at the Universidad de Salamanca. They will live in a Spanish household for the first month and then have a choice to remain with their host families or to move into an apartment with Spanish students.

Program Website

Important Note: Each program/university is characterized by certain criteria, however, all academic subjects may not be represented. For full universities abroad, only the academic divisions are noted (i.e. social sciences, humanities, natural sciences, and arts). The more reputed departments at these universities may also be indicated. We recommend that you always review the program’s curriculum and/or the university’s course catalog on their website to make sure the specific courses offered will work for you before selecting a program/university.