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Important steps to timely credit transfer:

1. Submit Your OCS Program Evaluation online. Transcripts for non-Colby programs and grades for Colby programs will not be released to the registrar until student log-ins to the evaluation site have been documented.

2. Official OCS Transcript from your program/university: Have your OCS Transcript sent to the Colby Off-Campus Study office at 4500 Mayflower Hill, Waterville ME 04901. In some cases, the student must request it from the provider or university and indicate that it should be sent to Colby. (This may take 1-6 months depending on the country.) Transcripts for off-campus study are reviewed by the Off-Campus Study Office before credits are posted by the Registrar.

3. (Optional) Apply or request OCS Course Approvals for Major, Minor, Distribution or Distribution Credit. Please forward all such approvals to the OCS office to be posted on your Colby record.

Your OCS transcript will not be posted on your Colby record until the first 2 steps are complete.

The information you provide in the OCS Program Evaluation provides helpful information for prospective students deciding on which program is right for them. You may recall relying on that information yourself in your own research. This feedback is also important for the OCS office to assure that the programs it approves are providing satisfactory experiences for our students. We value your input and feedback whether positive or negative.

This means that OCS has not yet received either your transcript or your OCS program evaluation. Once they are received, you will receive notification that your credits have been posted to your Colby record.

Absolutely! Please do! Many of us in the campus community are more than happy to hear about your experiences off-campus and we understand how challenging the reentry process and reverse culture shock can be.