We hope that your semester or year off campus was both rewarding and challenging.

The resources below can help you ensure smooth credit transfer, readjust to life on the hill, get involved in sharing your experiences with the Colby community, and see how it fits into your life after Colby.

Re-entry Challenges and Resources

The reverse culture shock you may experience is Mandela whitenot easy, especially because it is unexpected, but it is completely normal. These resources can help.

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Welcome Back Events

Gather with others who want to hear your stories and can understand what you may be feeling.

Opportunities to Share Your Experience

As a Global Ambassador you can help other students through student panels, information sessions, outreach, blog posts, exhibits, and much more.


Career Development 

Whatever your career path, you can enhance your career and job search by learning to unpack, translate, and articulate the skills you have gained abroad to prospective employers.

Integrate your experience into your academics

Build on research you started, explore a new major or minor, research the study abroad experience itself.