Maine is a unique place because of the diverse opportunities it offers. Known for its beautiful scenery, Maine is the ultimate destination for those who like to experience untouched nature. It is also the home of many friendly people—the kind of place where you can carry on a 10-minute conversation with the lady at the gas station and sit at a four-way intersection while the drivers all try to wave each other through. Maine has something for everyone, and our small city of Waterville is situated between three of the state’s greatest attractions: Portland, Sugarloaf, and Acadia National Park.



Portland is a small city on the coast of Maine, about an hour’s drive from Colby. In addition to having the largest shopping mall in Maine, Portland also boasts a popular downtown with small shops, galleries, restaurants, and a lively nightlife. Many Colby students take weekend day trips to this vibrant city. Learn more about Portland here.



images-2Only an hour from campus, Sugarloaf is the largest eastern ski area. Maine winters can be pretty snowy, but the community embraces it by frolicking in the snow on campus or heading up to Sugarloaf for an afternoon with a carload of friends. During Jan Plan, with its more relaxed schedule, students find opportunities all days of the week to get out on the slopes, and during the semester you can find many Colby students there on weekends. With the college student discounted pass and the close proximity of the mountain, many students get more opportunities to ski than they ever had before. A trip to Sugarloaf also provides excellent opportunities to connect with people from around the state and other Maine college students.


Acadia National Park is the biggest tourist attraction in Maine, bringing more than two million people onto Mount Desert Island every year. In the spring, summer, and fall, the park offers 120 miles of hiking trails and 57 miles of carriage trails for biking. In the winter the carriage trails are great for cross-country skiing. There are also beaches for swimming and sunbathing. Also located on Mount Desert Island is Bar Harbor, a bustling town replete with boutiques and beautiful coastal views. MDI is about a two-hour drive from campus, and the Outing Club makes frequent trips there. To learn more about Acadia and the island, click here.




Maine: The Way Life Should Be