Although there is plenty going on around campus, Colby students still go out and enjoy the many things Waterville and the surrounding towns have to offer. From restaurants to thrift shops, downtown Waterville is home to many successful small businesses. Upon arrival, all students receive a Mid-Maine Chamber of Commerce Advantage Discount Card, which gives them discounts to various shops, restaurants, and services in the greater Waterville area. Student leaders also work with the city to set up special deals for their peers. For example, during Date Week (which happens once a semester), Colby students with a date get a discount at several local restaurants. Colby students can see a movie at Railroad Square for $2 on Tuesdays, and they have access to the Waterville Public Library using their Colby Card. Waterville may seem like any other small Maine town, but its range of small businesses makes it a special college town!


The Two Cent Bridge in Waterville is a great place for a stroll on a nice day.

Here are some of Colby students’ favorite Waterville-area eateries: