The Office of Campus Life is committed to engaging, supporting, and empowering Colby College students as they take ownership of their college experience. Student engagement is facilitated through student organizations, student governance, residential living and learning, campus programs, and outdoor education. Support is provided through group and individual advising, and empowerment is encouraged through intentional program development, self governance, diversity and inclusion education, and opportunities to develop and practice leadership. Our strategic goals are to cultivate experiential learning opportunities, foster an inclusive and vibrant community, develop leaders, and promote positive citizenship within the Colby College, local, and global communities.


The Office of Campus Life encourages all Colby students to get involved and be engaged in campus life. Being involved means making a connection to the campus community. Being engaged means being part of this process. Through attending a campus event or joining a club or organization, students can meet new friends and faculty, experience new ideas, or learn new skills. Connection to campus can make all the difference in a student’s experience and investment in his/her education.



Leadership programs are a priority for Campus Life. Whether students are just beginning the leadership journey or are looking to refine skills, Campus Life provides a variety of leadership workshops designed for all skill levels. Working in the 21st century, leadership skills are a key to successful careers beyond Colby.


As a resource, Campus Life can provide a link among the various departments of the College, Student Government Association, and clubs and organizations. Within the Office of Campus Life, people can find information about event planning, leadership, or educational topics. The staff is happy to assist individuals or groups with their specific events and leadership needs.